GE Side By Side Refrigerator GSS25GSHSS

By Gavin | May 17, 2022

Hello everyone, today I'm going to present this new refrigerator review to you. It reviews the GE Side-by-Side Refrigerator, model number GE Side Refrigerator GSS25GSHSS.

I'm just going to tell you how big this refrigerator is. When I first saw it, I was shocked at how big it was and exactly what I wanted.

It is currently empty, and I just got it today. As you can see, this GE refrigerator has plenty of space.


One of the things I like about this fridge is that you can slide the shelves out, just like this. And you can also reach in from the back.

Another feature I like is the side shelves. One gallon of milk can go on top, so there's plenty of room.

Another feature is that there is an alarm.

One of the cool features is that it has this slot where you can reach in and get some ice cubes. So there's plenty of room in this refrigerator and freezer.

I've added some food here that's been sitting for about 30 minutes. So I don't want my food to go wrong, but I still have plenty of room to add more food here.

One of the things that might drive people crazy is that your fingerprints can be seen very clearly on their surface. Because it's a metal surface, it can get pretty dirty. I wouldn't recommend buying this fridge if that's a problem that people particularly mind.

However, the metal surface is the consistent feature of GE products. However, you can buy a cleaning solution in the supermarket to easily clean fingerprints on the metal surface.

But for the size and cost, you really can't resist. It's too affordable for the money.

Let's look at this alarm feature. What I'm waiting for is for the alarm to go off. Letting you know what's going to happen to the notice if the refrigerator door is left open too long, that's what I'm waiting for.

Other than that, I think that's pretty much it, and I don't know there's a lot of light here so you can see everything. You can hear the siren. I like the refrigerator, and I like the size of it. The only downside might be the fingerprints on the stainless steel. Other than that, I think this is a great refrigerator to get.

Just so you know, this GE refrigerator is less than $1,200, and you get a brand new refrigerator. It makes ice, gives you filtered water, and has lots of space.

Last, I will use this article to introduce how to register GE appliances?