How To Clean Mold & Mildew In Frontloader Washer

By Gavin | March 03, 2022

So today, we're going to talk about using new washing machine cleaning tablets to clean the inside of the front-loading washing machine in a very unique way.

These days did a few articles about washing machine cleaning. Grew a lot of experience in cleaning washing machines. Well, back to the book, let's get started.


How Mold Is Produced

Our household washing machines don't leave as much debris behind after use as we might think. It's more like many molds will grow for a long time. After all, the washing machine will be in a dark and humid place for a long time. After work, we basically close the washing machine's door.

So, it breeds a lot of molds. It's just a big, black mess. Simply using a rag is not very effective in removing mold from these washing machines, especially near the rubber ring.

Use Of Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

The cleaning method I use is to use washing machine cleaning tablets. In the previous article, I also introduced the use of vinegar to clean is also good.

After the washing machine has finished working, the excess moisture will be trapped.

They are citric acid and Affresh pills that can help break down this buildup.

I have a GE washing machine that I have been using for about 8 years, and we can find a lot of black patches formed by mold around the rubber ring.

If you find the mold initially, it's easy to clean up. Honestly, cleanup is complicated.

Let's use this washing machine cleaning tablet today and see how it works.

  1. Place the Affresh tablets in a basin and pour boiling water over the Affresh clean tablets to make a sweet liquid.

  2. Take some time to wait for the tablets to fully dissolve in water.

  3. Dip a brush into the liquid generated and repeatedly brush the black block above the rubber ring of the washing machine. Using a more important meeting or a toothbrush that is not in use will work.

  4. repeatedly rub. And wait for about 10 minutes.

  5. I do not recommend using more complex things, such as razor blades, wire balls, and another rub. Because it will damage the rubber ring. After all, my washing machine has been in use for many years. The rubber ring itself is aging.

  6. I use PANDORASOEM washing machine cleaning tablets. You can easily buy them in the supermarket.

  7. It didn't clean up completely and thoroughly, but it's not bad. I've been able to accept it. My washing machine has been in use for 8 years, and the rubber ring has been thoroughly corrupted by mold in some places.


My advice is to clean the inside of your washing machine frequently.

Now many washing machines have their own cleaning function, and I recommend that you clean them once a month or so.

The area around the rubber ring is the most likely place for mold to grow. Use this method to clean up the most home care for our washing machine.

Thank you all.